Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Services Offered

Bayou Movers provides professional moving services, including residential and commercial relocations. Additionally, we offer expert packing and unpacking services and secure storage options. These services are subject to the terms and limitations mentioned in this document to provide our customers with a professional and dependable moving experience.

Pricing and Quotes

When quoting a price, we consider various factors that influence the cost of your move. These factors encompass distance, the size of your move, the requirement for packing materials, labor, and any additional services requested. We maintain transparency and fairness in all financial transactions.

Booking and Reservations

Booking our service is a straightforward process outlined in our terms and conditions. Customers can initiate reservations through our designated channels while specifying their moving requirements. We offer flexibility but also detail our cancellation policies and associated fees. Contact us for comprehensive information on reservation procedures, adjustments, and cancellations.
Change Orders
Changes to your move plan are accommodated per our terms and conditions. Please promptly notify us if you require additional services or alterations to the move date. We will assess the feasibility and potential cost adjustments to ensure transparency and efficiency.
Packing and Preparation
Before your move, we recommend that customers prepare their belongings carefully by securely packing them in suitable containers. Detailed guidelines for proper packing are available in our terms and conditions. Additionally, certain items may be restricted due to safety or legal reasons.
Delivery Schedule
We aim to provide a reliable delivery schedule for your convenience. Our terms and conditions specify the estimated delivery timeline for your move. While we strive to adhere to this schedule, unanticipated circumstances, such as weather conditions or unforeseen delays, may occasionally affect it.
Customer Responsibilities
As part of our commitment to a smooth and efficient move, customers must fulfill specific responsibilities outlined in our terms and conditions. These responsibilities may include being present during loading and unloading, providing necessary access, and communicating special instructions. Ensuring these tasks are met contributes to a successful moving experience for all parties involved.
Dispute Resolution
In a conflict or disagreement, we provide a clear structure for resolution. We encourage open communication and negotiation as a first step. Formal dispute resolution processes such as arbitration or mediation may be used to facilitate a fair and impartial outcome.
Privacy Policy
Following relevant privacy laws, our privacy policy outlines how customer information is collected, utilized, and safeguarded. We take strict security measures to protect your data and only use it for authorized business purposes.

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