Frequently Asked Questions

Hunting for a property, submitting an offer, obtaining a home inspection, obtaining financing, and closing are all critical phases. With my help, you’ll have no trouble at all.

A house inspection finds problems with the building’s framework, plumbing, electrical, and other systems. You can comprehend maintenance needs better and bargain for repairs or pricing modifications.

The market’s condition can impact prices, competition, and availability. Quick house sales and higher prices characterize a seller’s market, but purchasers enjoy more excellent options and bargaining power in a buyer’s market.

To prepare a residence, declutter, clean thoroughly, and make necessary repairs. Consider staging to showcase your home’s potential. Also, ensure good curb appeal with a tidy exterior and landscaping.

Selling your house and buying a new one is simultaneously possible but requires careful preparation and cooperation. Options include bridge loans, home sale contingency in purchase agreements, or rent-back agreements.

Sellers can face capital gains tax if their profit exceeds certain thresholds. Taxes and mortgage interest are often deductible for buyers. Working with tax professionals can help a lot.

Consider your annual income, monthly expenses, savings, and debt. Generally, your house payment should not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income. Collaborate with me to explore your options.

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Amy Gibbs – North Texas Guru offers top-notch real estate services that make your property journey enjoyable and successful. I specialize in the vibrant North Texas market and provide personalized assistance for various real estate needs